Help with modeling round objects


I’m trying to model a rounded object to 3d print but I cant seem to figure out where to start. The object being round throws me off on how to generate the model. I can generate the base of the disk but I’m not sure how to create the rounded points that stick out of the object. Any help is appreciated.

Here is an image of the piece I’m looking to model:


A possible option, with Truebend extension

or without extensions, using components

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Also with True Bend.

True Bend seems to be the solution.

Thanks for the help!

Just a note about creating the model: I created the example with Units set to meters to avoid potential issues with tiny faces. The thing I modeled is thus 22 meters in diameter. Either do that and export the .stl with meters as the export units or scale down after modeling. I prefer to leave the model at meters and export the .stl directly. Then just set import units to millimeters. Evidently not all slicers paly well that way, though. ( I wasn’t very careful about the height, though.)