HELP with lights in components

i have my night scene model and i want to render it , but the lights is my problem , they are not appearing in some components in my scene , in the rendered image the rgb has some missing lights but in the raw light channel all lights are intact. please help , how can i fix this ?

RGB channel

Raw Light channel

also , look at the interior lights , the brightness is not consistent despite that all interior lights have the same component.

which rendering application was used?

vray next 4.2

maybe the walls are closer in the brigther rooms?

even though , the difference is not that much , and as you can see the exterior accent lights doesnt light up in some components.

hello ? are you asking so that you can help or youre just asking because you want to know what application i used ?

Asking because:

  1. If you want constructive and actionable feedback you need to be more complete with the information yiu provide.
  2. Different softwares have different behaviours and intricacies.
  3. Yep, also want to know what people are using.
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