Help with intersecting faces

The attached is a face frame for a wood stove. The four pieces are each a separate group and are rotated at 15°. I am trying to join them which I guess is a compound miter. I am using the trial version of 2017 Make but haven’t used solid tools before so I don’t know if that is the right tool for this. I tried intersecting but may not be doing it right. Any help would be appreciated.

beveled face frame.skp (15.3 KB)

Perhaps brushing up on the follow me tool would be better.
No troublesome intersecting.

@Shep posted faster than me. But I would also use follow-me, with a few follow-up steps because I suspect you want to model the top, bottom, and two sides as separate parts, not as a single group.

After the follow me, explode that group (or don’t create it in the first place), erase the bottom and one side. A right-to-left drag selection box around a bottom corner will select what you need to erase. Then select the top using a right-to-left selection box drag at its middle, and make that component. Repeat for a side. Open for edit and trace an edge at each end to create a face there so that the components become solids. Copy and flip the top to the bottom, and the one side to the other side.

Thanks to both of you. Follow-me definitely the way to go.