Help with Hedges


Hi - I would like some guidance on the best way to approach this problem.

I’m doing a 3d mock up of a garden design before we start doing the digging. Hopefully we will get a feel for how it will look/feel so we don’t waste tons of money and end up with something horrible!

This youtube animation gives an idea of how far I have got…

I’m really struggling with the hedges. Currently they are just blocked out with some green place holders. Not very realistic. I have searched for aged and tried a couple of options… nothing is very good.

Below are links to the skp, skb and jpegs

Any advice would be most appreciated.

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The files in that folder - should be visible to anyone…
skp file
skb file

Hedge jpegs



Hello! What a beautiful garden you’ve got there. :blush: About the hedge, I definitely wouldn’t prefer to make that whole big thing in 3D unless you have a powerful computer or a proxy maker like V-Ray has.
I came across this 3D Tree Maker plugin, maybe it could help you somehow. Also Panteon Design from 3D Warehouse has some cool 2D plants that you can use. Good luck with your project!


I took a look at your model and what you have so far it looks great. If you wanted to do a high detail model of the hedges, make sure you have a powerful computer, I find that vegetation can cause major slowdowns. If you are looking for a quick fix, smoothing out the surfaces and applying a texture might be your best bet. I would also consider adding a slight curve at the top of the hedge to add some depth.

Here is a link to a dropbox for it:


Many thanks for the responses. I do have a reasonably powerful system. i7-4770 @ 3.4Ghz - 16GB Memory, GeForce GTX 460. But even so - that is a big hedge and will take a lot of processing. I hadn’t really considered that - thanks for the warning.

Thanks for the links to 3D Tree Maker and Panteon Design - I’ll take a closer look at them.

I was wondering if there was anything I could do with the images… some sort of wrap around - but I can’t find anything on line.

Also thanks for the rounded top… it looks much better already! How did you smooth out the surfaces? I have been struggling with that. I had difficulty with the area between the wall and hedge too. I just can’t see how to get that smooth.

Sorry - I’m not very experience with Sketchup - I used it about five years ago on and off for a couple of months. Haven’t touched it since I started this project a few days ago. I found I had forgotten most of what I knew!



To smooth out a large object, select it and right click, then select Soften/Smooth Edges from the menu. To smooth out individual lines, the eraser tool will do the job if you hold down the ctrl key in windows or the option key on a mac.

For more on smoothing out things in SketchUp click the link here:

As for wrapping a photo around the hedge, it is possible but with a object like the hedge, the many faces would prove to be difficult. If I recall correctly there may be an extension that might help but I can’t recall the name.


Many thanks for that - the Ctl-Erase is interesting - I didn’t know that.

I Think the problem with my bit between the wall and hedge is that I should have made the contours in smaller increments, and more of them.


What tool(s) did you use to make the contours? When working with landscape I usually go for the sandbox tools.


Yes - I used the sandbox tools.