Hedge - looks good but needs fixing..?

Hi, I’m new to this community, but have been using SketchUp Pro for a number of years. I’m a sole practitioner designer (architectural). I’ve always struggled to find a good hedge to add to models. One that looks good in various styles and rendering extensions. Having found a tree that looked good in these settings, which didn’t slow the model too much, I exploded it and manipulated it to create my own component. Assume thats ok…? However, the drawing says something needs fixing and SketchUp can’t manage a fix itself. I’ve attached the model, if anyone won’t mind taking a look…? HEDGE.skp (908.9 KB)

Many thanks!

Difficult to tell what is bothering you/SketchUp as I didn’t see anything wrong in SketchUp 2018
What I did to your model (after inspecting it from different “sides” such as comp.definitions / In Model components and instances etc.) is:
_ applied ‘Purge Unused’
_ Edit lowest nested leaves components to hide their face bounding edges
_applied ‘Fix Problems’ (nothing found though)
See:HEDGE_A.skp (476.3 KB)
(hopefully saved as version 2017)

Many thanks @Wo3Dan! I saved your model saved in 2017, plus re-opened my model, applied purged & fix and that resolved the problem. Many thanks for your time!

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