Help with finding a 'mask' plugin

There is (or was) a plugin that would export a number of files to be used in post-production. The files were similar to some of the render elements that can be exported from the likes of Vray, etc. One was black and white only, similar to an alpha channel, another would fill the scene with solid colors (so that it would be easy to select areas in Photoshop), and so on.

I cannot remember the name of the plugin nor the author’s name. I hope at least one of you remember this plugin’s name.

Thanks in advance.

Could it be CompoScene?

I have a vague memory of it changing name soon after release for some reason.

Or Black out.

Blackout is thomthom’s

YES!!! This is it. Thanks, Julia!

I am afraid it is not as it only exports alpha-like images. CompoScene is the one.

Thanks to all of you. The forums keep being the place where to get help from.

Best wishes.

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