CompoScene update and about making comics, manga and video games

CompoScene Update v2.0.5

CompoScene is a SketchUp extension which allows you to create and export multiple rendering channels for compositing in something like Photoshop.

People in the comics and manga industry save time drawing backgrounds by first creating a 3d model in SketchUp and then they use CompoScene to automate the process of exporting the scenes for further detailing.

This version now allows you to Export either one scene at a time or all the scenes in a single click. Another feature that was requested was for the export setting to be saved for the next time the tool is opened. People were frustrated before because they had to change the settings again and again but with this version, there is no need for that anymore.

Added the new option to toggle the antialias on or off for the export settings, and fixed a bug that did not allow for the transparency options to be turned off.

Also added a “More Tools” button that will take you to a page were all my SketchUp Extensions are available for purchase.

A Blog button so you can be up to date with what I am doing. I am soon going to start a series of videos of me using SketchUp to create and play games right inside SketchUp. I am also interested in how to create comics and manga with SketchUp so if you interested in that keep an eye out.

Finally, I added a Forum button and there is where you go if you have a question, a request, an idea, or just to talk about how SketchUp can be used as a game engine or manga creating tool.

Alright, this is it, for now, for does who use the plugin I will love to see what you have created…Thanks in advance!