Help with cutting out an object

im having a problem, i want to cut out the crosshash pattern underneath the branching pattern, but I dont know what to do. 2 images attatched

Can you upload skp file.

it says the file is too big to upload, 3.74 mb

You can upload to DropBox.

gdrive link there

Is that what you want to do?

exact opposite,like fill the branching pattern with the cross pattern. and how did you do that?

Is it like this?

yeah that’s it exactly! how did you do it?

Hi Henry,

Organization and neatness are key to modeling success.
As it is, the model is an unmanageable mass of interconnected geometry.
The gridwork; rife with gaps, unnecessary edges and off-axis geometry.

Learn to keep each logical portion of the model separate by making each a Group or Component before proceeding to model the next.
That way, you can easily modify or position one part without ruining another.

Your desired result isn’t too clear.
Perhaps this reworked version of the model will help.

cross_board_branching_Rework.skp (2.7 MB)

my desired result is the model that ecati provided in his second picture, a cutout of the grid inside of the branching structure.

  1. Move to origin. Grow up to x100.
  2. The branching pattern is simplified in this way.
  3. Redraw the grid pattern. Make it solid.
  4. Branching pattern Pull using push / pull.
  5. Place the branching pattern in place of the grid.
  6. Select all. Split with solid tools.
  7. Delete unnecessary parts.
    Dropbox - File Deleted

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