Crisscrossing Tee slots

Sample of crosscut.skp (433.8 KB)

I have struggled in the past with this problem and completed it in the brute force manner. I was hoping for someone to provide a simpler less tedious (time-consuming) way to make crosscut Tee slots. The two attempts on the right of the example are (A)the brute force method, then (B) copying the trough and pivoting it into place, which has even more problems.
Please mind that this is a work left in progress.

Solid tools > Subtract

Do the same for round holes.


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If you’re using SketchUp Pro, the Solid tools will make the task rather easy.
See the progression of operations in this example.
Outer Shell tool was used to make the individual slots into a Solid grid.
Subtract tool was used to subtract the Solid grid from the board.

T-Slot Board.skp (1.4 MB)

This has been an issue for many years. I didn’t think the version really made any difference, except if one was using the ‘free’ version.
FYI : SketchUp Pro 2020
Thanks for the help