Help with 2015 migrate from 2008

Hello all, I appreciate and and all assistance :smile:

I am not even sure if this is a real problem as so far everything is working, however I recently updated to 2015 pro from 2008 pro. I have both versions still installed as I could not afford to be down due to some unknown glitch.
I also recently installed Thea for sketch up and am just now trying to get a handle on it. It is working but I have some concerns

My question is this

  1. Where is the plugins and materials folder? under app support I have my folder for SU8 but I have nothing for 2015.

  2. Thea is working but has some glitches namely the materials are installed but do not all work, I thought to check to see where they are installed but like I said 2015 has no folder. I did right click on the app " show contents " Inside there I found the materials folder but I am afraid there is something wrong with the install. Shouldn’t I find this under library/application support?

I find that the Thea materials library is present inside of app support for 2008 is it possible that both 2015 and 2008 are somehow sharing this?

they are not present in the 2015 materials folder I did find.

sorry is this is confusing, I need to know if I must remove and reinstall, I am currently between projects so have a bit of time…

Macbook pro retina 2012
2.6 ghz
8 gb ddr3
NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB

Loving 2015 BTW…

again thanks for assist if you can

User folders should all be in your User/…/Library/ not the HD/Library/ path…
you can make a folder in there if its missing…