Help! When I Export to STL it creates a text file instead

When I Export to STL it creates a text file instead. I’m using the online free version? Any ideas why?



Is it showing up as a .txt file?

I just tried an export and it downloaded as .stl as expected.

What has made you conclude it is a text file? Does the export create a file with .txt extension, or .stl? If something told it to, the system might try to open it as text.

STLs do seem to be clever, in that there is a text header to warn you that the file is binary, and to show the name and size of the file.

I know its a text file because thats what it says in my download folder.

Does it show the extension as .stl or .txt?

What Steve and Dave are trying to get at is, Do you have anything that can open .stl files on your computer? If you do then you should try to open them with that and see. If you don’t have something designed to read them it may just be that your computer has assigned them what it things should work.
So it could be that the files are showing ‘something.stl text’ which just mean your computer thinks it should be opened by a text reading application.

One way to avoid speculation would be to attach one of your downloaded files here so we can see what you have.

I see. I understand. I am using cura to try and open the files.

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