Help trying to put logo in sketchup

I am creating a basketball court. I have a logo I am trying to put half court. I tried opening the JPEG file with the paint bucket. It duplicates itself. Is there a different was I should be going about getting this logo on my court?

Draw a region on the basketball court into which you can paint the logo image as a texture and keep that area separate from the rest of the floor.

So how do I keep it from duplicating?

As I wrote in mt previous post,

Like so:

Paint the logo into the inside and the floor texture on the outside of that region.

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To expand a bit, I think what you are referring to as “duplicating” is more commonly called “tiling”. That is, a texture that is smaller than the face on which you place it will be repeated in both 2D dimensions until it fills that face. To avoid this you need to match the size of the texture to the size of the face.

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… with the texture repositioning function e.g.:

I suppose it also depends on the shape/outline of the logo.

If OP’s logo is made with texts or if any element sticks out of the shape, it would be better to do import PNG approach?

Would you mind sharing your logo if @DaveR’s method doesn’t work for you?

I tried the other way that didn’t work. I tried to re size it to keep it from “tilting” That didn’t work.
I am so new to Sketch up (self teaching) I did “create your own material” with the link above, nothing changed. I have it as a PNG file. Weigand court.skp (559.7 KB)

The problem now is that there isn’t quite enough empty space around the core of the image for it to fit into a circle without adjacent tiles intruding (see attached screen shot of right-click->texture->position in progress). Try editing the image to add more space.

As I said originally, draw a region that you can paint the logo into.

Weigand court.skp (562.0 KB)

In the case of this model, I positioned the texture inside the circle and drew lines around the silhouette which I then hid.


@DaveR’s way might be simpler for you.