Help- "This does not appear to be a SketchUp model Problem"

“This deos not appear to be a SketchUp model Problem”

As this error window keeps appearing, I have tried many things, but only an empty project appears. I tried converting the skb file, but again only an empty project appears.

Is there any way to solve it? I am sharing the SketchUp file because it is a file that must be solved.

p.s. I am currently using SketchUp 2023 pro.

동화NC테크.skp (7.5 MB)

something went wrong with your file :

  • it’s not the normal structure of a sketchup file. it’s just hexadecimal data. like reading a book where all the characters are stacked, no sentences, punctuation, spaces…

  • that’s a lot of 00 in this file. even if it had the proper file structure, it would me mostly empty.

if the skb file is broken aswell, well… not much to do.
was it stored on a cloud or a distant drive ? or did you crash or something ?

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The only thing I did in particular was move and save the file to an external hard drive. Should overwriting a duplicate file be considered a conflict?

Is it not possible to solve it in the end?

Not fixable. Although that may underestimate @Colin’s abilities. I can pull some strings from it: “INDX” are the first 4 characters. It has Enscape 2024 in it, and some Adobe references (probably materials), but it looks nothing like a SketchUp binary.


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