Help- Plugin identification


I have completed all of the steps from the following youtube tutorial, but I am having trouble with the last step which involves a plug in that I can not find because it is in another language. It is called “Chuyen doi duong cong, duoong tron, doan cong, line thanh ong,” but maybe someone will recognize the plugin and direct me in the right place. Here is the youtube tutorial that I am trying to complete:

That’s quite an old tutorial, free scale is called fredo scale these days.
The one at the end is called lines2tubes by Didier Bur and has recently been updated by tig to work in the newer versions. You can find it in the Sketchucation Store, Lines2Tubes

@Tig has his own version, Pipe along Path.

Either will do the job.

Thank you for the fast reply! The lines2tubes plugin worked! I’m so excited about it!!! Thanks again!