HELP please! My design seems frozen

Hi community! I’m panicking as my design seems to have frozen.
I spent many hours on it, I saved it but now after a month I just opened it and no matter how far I zoomed out that I can only see the whole screen green :open_mouth: could anyone please help me with this? Really appreciate!

Share the SketchUp file with us and we’ll see if we can help you out. If it’s larger than about 15 Mb upload it to Drop Box or WE Transfer and shre the link.

Hi Dave, thanks so much for your quick reply! I have just managed to solve the problem. I will now proceed to delete the thread. Thanks so much for your help!

How did you solve it?

Hi Dave, well I meant it was sorted. I didn’t sorted myslef. Basically that document I was trying to open was the corrupted one I once had the problem with and you guys helped me to fix it! You are geniuses here!