Help needed with edges of compound curve dome

Greetings ! If anyone can take a look at this model and give me some pointers - that would be great. This is for a building interior in which i need to create a softened edge (i.e. create a continuous concave fillet between two adjacent surfaces - radius around 1 or 2 inches)
I used Curviloft to create the compound curved dormer ceiling.
Whatever i do, i cant seem to find a technique to ease the edge between the flat ceiling and the compound curve dome surface.
I have included the pieces of the model i refer to as well as a PDF explanation.

Forum_v2023.skp (2.9 MB)
Modeling assist.pdf (60.6 KB)

Im checking your file, do you want to make a bevel or just soften and smooth those edges?

THankyou ! I need to make a bevel

I tried using bevel plugin and round corner but it created some weird geometry, I used curviloft and made some manual stitching.
Forum_v2023.skp (471.8 KB)

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This looks great - can you please explain how you achieved this ?

Hi again. The part I can’t figure out is to make that nice beveled connection between the two surfaces. Been trying for ages :face_with_spiral_eyes:
I would love to be able to do this so I can experiment with some other shapes too.

Clean (quad) topology (col H7) cle_02.skp (683.0 KB)

How do you do that ?

Learn about ‘‘quads’’ and extensions/plugins for that task

A method to bevel edges

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Amazing skills - thankyou for doing this wonderful demonstration !!!
Do you do freelance work ?

Thank you for your kind words!
As you have seen (in the video), you’ll make your work easier by creating a geometry (quad) that is suitable for the various extensions/plugins or that allows easy editing of the desired shape.

Yes, I’m freelancer, and here on the forum I learn SketchUp and help people who ask for help.