Help needed for Rendering Partial walls in Sketchup 2020

I am very new to SketchUp. I just finished my first self-learning Project and having issues with rendering. I need to render only partial walls.

I have rendered it with IRenderNxt extension. And uploading an example of what I need

I need to show partial walls allover and full walls at the back. I stuck with this and can’t find a solution. Please Help.

This is what I have created

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I’ve watched now this tutorial:

Did you create the section you need?
To have the desired configuration, the back wall will have to be in a separate group, and the section will be created inside the group with the rest of the walls


@mihai.s Yes I did the section cuts but when I render it the walls appear in the rendering. :frowning: . Is there something I need to do while rendering or is there a better rendering extension I can use.

Did you watch the video tutorial?
at min 2:11 - Setup Options > Use Section Planes

@mihai.s Nice !!! Thankyou, That works and solves my problems.
Thanks Again.

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@mihai.s There is one issue though. The section cuts inside of a group or Component while rendering in IRender does not pick it up. It still renders the walls. but If I put it outside it cuts through the model but things I don’t need to be cut get cut. Do you know a workaround ?

I’m not using IRenderNxt extension, I just gave you the link to the tutorial. A possible workaround would probably be to section the walls and remove the top.

Because you asked about another possible extension, in V-ray it’s very simple to achieve what you want


@mihai.s cool I’ll try it with V-ray .

Thankyou .

@mihai.s I’m trying with the trial version of V-Ray but a lot of options are locked :frowning: . I’ll have to buy it .

Did you follow all the instructions, including activation?

Trial versions include all features and rendering capabilities but are restricted in time. Your trial license is valid for one month from the date your order has been processed.

Which options exactly?
By locked, do you mean inactive?
It activates at certain times, usually when you select an object.

Hi @mihai.s I’m sorry I was doing something wrong they work fine. But I think I still need to spend some more time with V-ray to get good renderings.
Thank you

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You’re welcome!

This is for sure and true for anyone starting to learn a new program, in this case V-ray.

You can also get that ‘section’ using another render - Twilight Render Hobby


I’m going to try this. V-ray is good I have to spend some time understanding it. Once I get what I need I’ll post it here. Thank you so much for the help.