Help needed for a house-extension design

Not sure if this is allowed but can anyone point me in the right direction of someone who can design a single floor extension for my house. I have spent my day trying different apps and software and got no where.

I am happy to pay - looking for someone who is experienced and has done similar work before.

I have had an architect come round but they haven’t offered much inspiration and with a few structural options available we want to get a better feel and flow before we decide to ensure the space we create is workable.

Any advice gratefully received!



This is certainly something you can ask for assistance with here. I moved your post to the correct category. If you choose to work with someone who responds to your request make sure they are qualified to do so. It’s common to get people who aren’t qualified responding to these sorts of posts and some are spammers/scammers from India. Take the time to vet the respondents. Also not that they would need to have a legitimate SketchUp Pro or Shop license to do work for hire.

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Thanks Dave - that’s super helpful. Hopefully someone will contact me soon.

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I would try another architect. And as you are planning an extension it is best that he/she should be more or less local. It is IMO not a task that can be carried out totally through the Internet.

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Thank you

You can use an architect or any designer who is allowed to prepare plans in your area for houses. And you can prepare the plans yourself with input from either if you like. But usually what is required, if you do want help, is someone in your area who can look at the existing house, for aesthetic, structural, and feasibility analysis.

Where are you based? Your profile gives no clues.