Looking for People with Architectural Design Experience - Specifically Office Buildings




We are looking for someone with experience in architectural design. We are creating a proposed office development and simply need one digital sketch/plan of the exterior of the building and maybe one of a sample interior floor plan. We are willing to pay. If you have skills or experiences related to these and are interested in making a little money, please reach out.



You should really look in your local area for an architect to do the job. Codes and Zoning varies dramatically depending on where you live - and you’ll want someone that knows those codes inside and out.


Hey @linesonthewall,

This is not entirely correct and may be misleading. I am responding to your comment as a registered architect. Professionals may live great distances from a project location and yet be licensed to practice in that jurisdiction. In my “other life” as a practicing professional architect I frequently conduct work across state lines and make it a point to be conversant with all code and zoning requirements for any project with which I become involved. Every professional must assume the responsibility for performing necessary due diligence, which always includes requisite building code and zoning evaluation among other studies.

Quite frankly, to perform the services requested by the OP, (@swilson1911) one need not even be licensed, although it would be preferable.


Considering this forum has architects from all over the world - I think the advice is pretty sage. A local architect can do the job without having to spend the time to do all of that research just to begin the process. There might not be much of a difference between state lines - but there definitely is across international borders.

Not to mention if this job actually goes through - it makes sense to have a local office around to make site visits during construction.


Although you are certainly entitled to your opinion, through personal experience, I am aware of many scenarios where clients benefit from selecting design professionals based in locales other than the project jurisdiction. For clarity, I shall enumerate a few:

  1. An architect may specialize in a specific building type such as medical design, or shopping centers, or hotels, or office buildings. This level of expertise often sets the designer apart from many practitioners with less experience. I have witnessed numerous design competitions where the premiated design firm was from another location. My former firm actually was selected to design a structure for a university in another city.
  2. In this age of electronic communication, more small design firms are using the internet to communicate with clients and consultants. I have been engaged to work on projects situated in remotely located sites where the client is in one place and most of the consulting team is elsewhere. I typically establish a relationship with a civil engineer in a location near the subject project, for many of the reasons you cite. Weekly project meetings occur via computer videoconferencing with follow-up emails or phone calls as required.
  3. Firms with lower overhead rates may often be able to provide eminently competitive and competent services at a more reasonable fee schedule when viewed next to comparable local designers.
  4. The production schedule generated by a firm doing much of its work online is often completed in less time than that of a firm involved in a more common form of document production.

Again referring to my other life, making use of the remote design practices alluded to hereinbefore, my small architectural organization successfully delivered design and condoc services to a wide variety of clients throughout the U.S., the Caribbean and several other countries. Since 2006, the majority of in-house projects were completed on-line (using SketchUp/LayOut as the primary design tool, I might add) and many were hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Our client base continues to express satisfaction with the commensurate levels of service and ongoing amicable relationships have been maintained.


No, that’s not how things work.

For one, there is no such thing as ‘doing work online’. The amount of work it takes to create a construction set of drawings is the same whether your in Australia, Brazil, or China. It’s not like ‘the internet’ eliminates a few sections for you.

Secondly, local designers usually end up saving you money because of their experience in a community. An American might think they can come and design something in Canada - and then realize they need to use the metric system. Then they need to develop a whole new set of drawing standards. And then they need to learn the municipal, provincial, and national building codes. And then they need to learn the green building requirements. And while someone from the states might think the zoning code is set in stone, a local architect would have a relationship with the local political system and know what sort of exceptions a particular project is likely to get. A local architect also knows exactly how to design for the local climate. A non-local architect is going to waste huge sums of money simply getting up to speed.

Thirdly - there is no substitute for an architect being on site during construction. A civil engineer is not trained to put buildings together, and is not trained to see the quality control problems that occur during building construction.

Lastly - most localities have architects that specialize in a wide range of project types. Unless your in the Arctic - it’s a pretty easy job to track down an architect for your building type. And we are talking about an office after-all.


As I said before, you are entitled to your opinion.


Just a thought. Maybe the OP knows what he needs.


… and I read the OP that they (which are likely development) “simply” need conceptual artwork at this phase.



I can help you with 2D/3D architectural design…

You can reach me on Skype: cisin.arnold or Email: arnold.cis20@gmail.com so that we can discuss this further.



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