Help needed! dynamic component question

Hello, I’ve been assigned to create a speaker positioning component that helps users determine where to put speakers. I have flat planes with the desired angle constraints for the allowed speaker positioning. The speaker is allowed to be placed anywhere within the plane.

I would love to make it so that the speaker comes preloaded in the component and can be moved around within the plane. However, I cannot figure out how to get the speaker component and angle plane component to work together.

I want it so that when the user moves the speaker, it is only allowed to be moved within the plane. If the user tries moving it outside of the plane, it either doesn’t let it or it snaps it to the closest position within the plane.

Please help! Thanks!

compare current formula for distance and max (Y?), then figure the scope at that given point and compare to current (X?)

arc speak.skp (21.4 KB)

this is a normal file, the outline of area can be updated either with redraw or via the interaction finger

arc speak.skp (22.7 KB)

filled in to make easier to manipulate

Man! Thank you so much! Very helpful and couldn’t believe you got it to automatically rotate the speaker when you change the location.

I’m struggling transfering over your method to my model. Also, theres a few other goals I have for the component that aren’t accomplished yet.

I created a doc that has my goals of the component. I’ll share the link to download the .skp and see my goals for the component. If theres anyway you could implement any of it or help guide me, that would be very much appreciated. Thanks for the help!!

speaker zones.skp (95.2 KB)

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Man… can’t thank you enough. I was able to use what you sent to create a full 7.1.4 atmos speaker placement guide. The component options for the planes and speakers are awesome.

I edited the rotate parameter so the speaker points at the listener when moved. I also hid and deleted some of the room guidelines. I was a bit confused on the room component options, but I don’t think I’ll be needing it.

I ran into a few minor problems. When changing the distance of the overhead speaker planes, it affects the vertical angle.

The main problem I ran into that I’d really like to solve is the ability to scale the entire component on the corners. This way for a really big room, I can just scale the component to fit in it. When I scale it now, it just goes back to the original size.

If you have time to explore that issue and give the entire component the option to be uniformly scaled on the corner that would be great. If not, thanks so so much for all the help you have provided.

Dolby Atmos Sketchup Dynamic Component (7.1.4).skp (64.0 KB)

The maximum scope of each zone would have to lock to the room size. A distance relative to speaker and listener inside the room, means 3 types, floor, wall and ceiling speakers.

The room can more options to hide elements rather than delete, note that room is see through on outside. A shape that can be modified and can place windows doors and furniture, the focal is the listener that can be moved

Will see if can be automated, Monday?

Thanks! I was a bit confused on parts of your response. I understood the see through outside of the room. However, I am just looking for the speaker placement guide (whats inside of the room). I understand the options you made for scaling the zones/speakers when the room size is changed.

However, I am just looking for what’s inside the room (speakers+zones) with the ability the scale it. This way, I can simply drop the component in any already modeled room. Having the ability to scale it would allow me to change it based on the room size.

If you could help with getting the .skp I previously sent (“Dolby Atmos Sketchup Dynamic Component (7.1.4).skp”) to have the ability to be scaled, that would be super helpful. Thanks again for all your hard work on this!