Help! ability to move entire component and have speaker component stay in plane

I have a component that allows a speaker(box) to be moved around within a plane. When the box is moved outside of the plane, it snaps to the neareast allowed position. It also rotates the speaker to face the origin of the plane.

Right now, it only works on the origin of the axis. I want it to work when the entire component is moved. When I move the component, the box goes outside of the allowed plane.

Any help to make this component work when the entire thing is moved would be appreciated. Thanks!

speaker plane placement.skp (18.8 KB)

You have made groups of the “outline” and the “speaker” which is great! But then you put both of them into another group. If you want to manipulate just one of them, you need to double-click into that group, first.

Thanks for the response. Correct, when I double click into the full component, I can move/manipulate both components. The only component I want to manipulate is the speaker (when i move the speaker around in the plane, it is only allowed to move in that plane and snaps to the closest allowed spot if moved outside.

The issue is that I want to be able to move the entire “full thing” component and have the speaker still be constrained within the plane and act the same way it acts on the original axis origin. Right now when I move the “full thing” component, the ability to have the speaker stay within the plane doesn’t work.

If you have any solution to that, it’d be much appreciated. Thanks again!

This is called Inferencing. It is how SketchUp allows you to move in 3D space. I would recommend heading over to and checking out the Fundamentals course.

Thanks, I am familiar with inferencing. I am a bit confused as to how this issue relates to it though. I believe the issue/errors are in the formulas of the attributes of the components.

Let me know if you still think otherwise or what you think I could change in the formulas. Thanks again.

Sorry… I did not know you were taking about exhausting the Dynamic component! Sorry… ignore me and carry on!