Help me on How to make a face from two different sized irregular ovals?

hey folks i have a conundrum, new to sketchup. its taken me ages just to get the foot contours and now i have a new problem to figure out.

im trying to create a face from different sized irregular ovals. see model.
what im looking for is faces that curve freely along the two of the sets of contour lines essentially.
trying to get a series of curved faces running around the foot. so it would be a bar running horizontaly then a space then another bar etc.

any pointers would be great!
horizontal contours working model.skp (13.4 MB)

If I understand your plan correctly then Curviloft extension might be your ticket here. However, first you need to repair the individual loops, which have missing chunks in many places.

fantastic thats really helpful!!
only thing is sometimes when i do it comes up with another setting and i cant make the face see image attached.

is this because my lines are broken? i have tried repairing the lines but some of he breaks seem to be too small for me to find/ sketchup doesnt show them…

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Here is a simple method of creating a face to track down the perimeter breaks.

Yes. Try this:

Change the style so the profile edges are set to 1. That will make it easier to see the gaps.
Scale the model up by at least 1000x. Currently your model is so small that the very short edges in the contours are likely to cause problems.
Triple click on a countour line. It should select the entire contour. If it doesn’t, there are gaps. The ends of the selected edges will show you where they are.

When you’ve drawn in the edge segments to close the gaps a face will form to confirm you’ve closed them all. You can delete the face after the contour is fixed.

FWIW, I’m using “The Dave Method” here. Box did a nice tutorial GIF that shows how it works. Do a search and you’ll find it.

great tips thanks folks!
its giving me a face when i use the face finder tool. i zoom in as far as i possible can and no break shows even though an end point is coming up with cursor over it.
so as far as i can see there is no break or its is so small that it will still form a face but too small i cant actualy get in there to fix the break. the image attached is zoomed in as far as it will go without losing the line.