Help making a sphere


Unfortunately my laptop’s processing power will not let me make a sphere in my design. Once it’s there I should be able to intersect it and work with it but I’m wondering if someone would mind to go into my file, make the sphere and post it back with the sphere in it?

Cube Revised.skp (1.9 MB)


I would recommend decreasing the number of sides… right now you are trying to create almost 500,000 sides… do you really need that many sides on your sphere?


what do you recommend? it’s for a 3d print and eventually the design will be CNC, and I’ll want high resolution. How much is needed?


Have a look at this topic for a discussion and formulas to decide how many segments you need:


@slbaumgartner found the topic quicker than I could! hundreds of thousands of faces is excessive for 3d printing… this calculator in this topic should give you an idea of a more realistic number to shoot for.


Ah thank you both! It’s a bit of a learning curve (pun intended :D) and you’re quite helpful!