Good smooth curved surfaces for export


Hi! I’m using Sketchup Make and trying to get maximum resolution on my curved surfaces for later use with 3D printer. I need to be able to export good smooth curved surfaces. Do I need Sketchup Pro to do this? I checked all the export boxes to show all edges and geometry, and made resolution as high as possible as far as I know. The person opening the DAE file in his 3D program says it still looks flat to him. I love Sketchup and don’t want to have to recreate my project in a different program. Thank you!!


Make can use exactly the same number of edges as Pro…

you may need to model at scale if your objects are small…

most people export a STL file using the free extension…

most 3d printers can use STL or convert from it…


Thank you so much, John. We’ll try that.


The max may not be correct approach. This plugin allows you to calculate based on desired error. The formula is simple so, I just use quick hand cal.
You friends program may not be fully compliant to dae schema. If possible posting your model allows others see what they get and changing you export options may help.
IE like the two sided face option
I have yet to convert to 2016 ( My bad:( ) save you model as 2015 if possible


Thanks, mac7595!

I will try that as soon as I can.