Help making a groove in a curved surface


Just looking for help on how to make a groove in a curved surface.

This is the current model:

Trying to add a notched out area (the highlighted blue area) that follows the curve of the circle. Same depth and the existing cut-out.

I did try making a rectangle along one of the flat sides and then using the follow me tool, that didn’t seem to work.

any help would be appreciated.

using sketch up make 2017

Curved Notch.skp (28.7 KB)

I used the offset tool and line tool to make the notch. I just pulled up a copy of it to show
how it looks.

Assuming this is a component or group.

Edit the group or component.

Make a line on the surface of how big your notch would be if it were 2d. See red scribble.

Copy that bit of surface.

Exit editing the group or component.

Paste in place (outside of all groups or components)

Push pull the surface down to the lowest point you want the notch.

Push pull the top surface down to the top of where the notch will be.

Select the geometry you just pus pulled.


Edit the group or component you want to alter.

Paste in place.

Delete lines as needed to open up the ‘notch’.

Alternate - make the surface / push pull geometry a group after it is in position.

Edit the main group.

Select all.

Intersect faces with model.

Delete line to ‘open up’ the notch.

Delete the ‘notch’ group.

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Here’s a method using ctrl with pushpull to add the faces needed.
GIF 27-12-2023 11-47-18 AM


thanks Box. That worked :slight_smile: