[Help] How to model this wall light in sketchup?

Hello, how can I model this wall light in sketchup? Using the built in features or any free plugins?
Appreciate the help!

Your profile says you are usng SketchUp for Schools so no plugins.

Draw a cylinder and shapes to cut across it. Intersect Faces and erase the waste.


As a slight refinement on @DaveR’s solution, you might want to give the tube some thickness before you intersect it. To do that, start with a circle representing the outside diameter, offset it by the thickness, then extrude the face contained between the inner and outer rings.

I did do that in my example. Notice there are no exposed back faces.

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Hi,thank you for the help.
But when I why didnt it cut into the shape but instead it cut the cylinder to half?
skp problem|690x356

Looks like you deleted the wrong part of the cylinder.

@DaveR I did it! Thank you for the help!!! :+1:

Thank you for reminding!

@DaveR btw,by any chance do you know how to model the other light as well?

You would probably do the other one the same way, just using a different shape as the “cutting tool”.

Do what cannellbd wrote. Same process with a different cutter shape.