HELP: Can this be done in Sketchup

Need help making this organic shape tube light Any way to do this.
please note that the light is going like spiral on the bar.
any help appreciated.

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-01 at 12.43.49 PM (2)

Line, Move tool, Bezier Spline, Circle, Follow Me

Yes. You would first draw the path of the line. This isn’t the simplest task though, and may require an extension, like Bezier curves, to get the desired look. After that, it’s just a simple “follow me” routine to give it thickness.

Greast as usual @mihai.s, although your version does look a bit like the original that has been crumpled up in a bin and then retrieved and put back! Is there a way to get it as fluid as the original?

I did not try to replicate the same loops as in the photo, but I made a tube, turned on “Hidden Geometry,” then using the Line Tool and the Arc Tool, started working around the tube. Erased the tube, used Weld to make one piece, created a circle on one end and then used Follow Me.

@simoncbevans, you can create that path the way you want and then you can edit it to be as smooth/fluid as possible (needed)


Notice that this is a neon tube. So, the two ends of the curved part must be aligned to each other and connected to the two ends of a straight section of tubing. This is how I interpret the original image.

Thank you all guys, every step was helpful from you all. mihai.s yours was more clear. Thank you so much…