Help: how to make a car follow a slope?


I would like to know if a car that I wish to purchase actually enters my garage which has a slope.

So if I model the slope (which isn’t flat but has different angles along the way) and I model the car, how can I make the car stick to the slope (and rotate when it drives down into the garage?
I’d like to know if the bumper touches the ground, and then what I have to modify on the slope in order to get the car into the garage.

There’s sketchyphysics and MSphysics plugins which both don’t work with my Sketchup version.

Thanks for any help.

As you know, you can’t even make a car drive down a road in SketchUp, let alone follow a road accurately. You’re gonna have to position the vehicle manually using move and rotate.

It’s easier if you make it a component and set it to glue to a surface. The critical places are at the top and bottom of the ramp where the transition from level to slope happens. Usually the transition is done in stages or rounded.

You might also want to bear in mind that the height of the bumper is affected by things like how inflated the tyres are and how much the car might be bouncing on its suspension whilst it is moving (especially if it has to negotiate some kind of lip). Doing it by modelling only goes so far.