Building a carpark extension


I am having some difficulty creating a carpark ramp in my model.

The ramp is basically like a semi circle that comes out of the ground floor and then swings up and around 180 degrees to the next floor, which is supported by pillars.

Once you get to the next floor, you can drive out again onto the ramp and then swing up and around 180 degrees again to the next floor.

There is an identical ramp at the other side of the building, which allows you to go back down the floors.

What would be the best way to create this ramp, thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Josh,

Think ‘triangles’ when modeling things that are not flat.
See this model file for ideas. Ramp.skp (173.7 KB)


Excellent, thanks very much for this.

Thanks Geo, that’s a great way of putting it together.