Help! How can i print with higher resolution?

How can i print with higher resolution?

Firstly, without a graphic card I doubt you can print anything.
Secondly, print what? A photo of your favorite wild ear hair?

In all seriousness we need to know a lot more to answer your question.
Are you wanting to print 2d or 3d, from Sketchup or from layout?
So please fill in your profile and explain what you want yo do.

Thank you @Box, well i’m a cabinet maker and i just started to use sketchup. All i need is print floor plans, cabinets drawings and that kind of stuff but i need to print then with a nice or high resolution so my costumer can get the idea of what i’m offering to them.

The best thing to do is send the scenes you create to LayOut and export a PDF to send to your customer. You can make a very professional presentation that way including your name, company logo, perhaps photos of the site or other images.

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Thank you!!
I’ll try that

Make sure you create scenes in SketchUp for each of the views you want to show. Those will be used for the viewports in LayOut.

For the best looking images from LayOut, render the viewports as either Vector or Hybrid before exporting the PDF.