Help For SketchUp Make

I’m trying to find help for SketchUp Make instead of what seems to be the Pro version.
. The tutorials I’m seeing have a different interface and include a “measurement box” when measuring angles. Where can I find help for SketchUp Make?

No the tutorials are just old. The interface for the WIndows editions (Pro and Make) got a facelift for v2016. The Microsoft Docking Tray system for the inspector panels.

Prior to that (and still the Mac editions,) have a floating “sticky” tool windows for the inspector panels.

Also, some very old tutorials were made with SketchUp 8 (or older) which has different toolbar icons.

All that said, the difference between Pro and Make are few. Mostly import and export features, the Solid Tools, etc.

All editions (for both platforms) and all versions have the “Measurements” input box.

BTW, in the User Guides, it is plainly marked when they are discussing Pro Only features.

Okay, this is where I feel foolish- what User Guides? All I could find was video tutorials and I’d much rather read about it than watch it. Where can I find that measurements box?

There are books available if you’re rather read. SketchUp for Dummies is a popular one. There are also the myriad Help files which you can access through the Help menu or by going directly to the SketchUp website and clicking on Learn.

The Measurements box is, by default, in the lower right hand corner of the SketchUp window unless you have enabled the Measurements toolbar. Then it would be where ever you put that toolbar.

(Note: do not try to type in the measurement box or click on it… it just is: Type something and it will go in the box, no matter what tool you are on or what stage in a process you are.)

From the main Knowledge / Help Center entry page (link Dave gave above,) the User Guides can be accessed via the drop down “Help with…” menu, or from the “Help With” page:

There are currently six (6) guides.
[Note the guide book icon on the Knowledge Center landing page.]

This is the link for the SketchUp inteface:

The chapter list is on the right in the guides. (Standalone help pages and knowledge center articles do not have a chapter listing.)