Help - facearea


Hello, good night, everyone.
My name is Edgar, I’m an architect here in Brazil.
I’m new here and I’m asking for some help.
I created a dynamic component of a wall, I need to take the area of a face of it, why when I stretch or raise the wall, the area of the wall does not update in the component option panel?
To update the area I always have to enter the attributes component and click on the formula for the account to be redone, then yes it changes in the option panel of the component,
Please, I need automatic change, thank you very much.


Hi Edgar and welcome to our community!

If you post the skp file of your dynamic component so that other members can review it, there is a good possibility that a solution to your issue will be found.

To upload a file, click the upload arrow (7th icon from the left) in the Reply box. Navigate to the appropriate file and dbl click on that.


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