FACEAREA help please

Hi SketchUpers,

I can’t seem to get =FACEAREA(“Color A01”) to work. It always reports as “0”, even when I test multiple colours and the sizes etc.

What does work is =FACEAREA("") which returns the area (inside and outside) of all surfaces regardless of colour.

Also, can this function only report in inches^2? I mean I could add in the constant conversion but that’s a bit lame.

Screenshot and example SKP attached.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


Either choose a color/material with no space or rename with a underscore in lieu of a space.

You do need to convert, plus facearea("") returns the back faces too. It pays to insert a de-scaler too, to make the formula update on a change


Hi Philip,

Absolutely perfect advice, plus you even answered what would have been my next hurdle too (with the de-scaler)!

Thanks heaps.

Let me know when you’re ready to renew your SketchUp sub, I’ll put in a good word. :wink: