Face area in components

Why Sketchup developers have not come up yet with native attributes to mesure specific faces in components?

SketchUp will display the area of any face. Inside components or groups or out in the open.

Open the Entity Info window, select a face, and you will see the area of that face (or length of a selected set of edges, or the volume of a selected solid group or component, etc.).

:thinking: I guess the OP is referring to this post:

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Thanks, yes I am referring to this post. When you work with dynamic components (and a very complex way) you would love to know the quantity of certain materials in order to prepare your measurements and budgeting. The sketchup order “facearea” takes into account all the faces of an object, while what we really need is only one specific face of it. The solution given (only painting with a material one of the faces) does not fit my requirements, since I use sketchup for both, modelling 3D and preparing my architecture plans and construction measurements.
I have the feeling that it would be so easy to incorporate it in the native program since the “text” labels already do that function. Is there any way of labelling one of the object’s face and then introduce that numeric value in the attributes of the component?

you can paint the back face, example this wall, one back face is painted red.
the other materials are scaled versions of the inherent brick / block
Wall (5).skp (77.9 KB)

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