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Hi i created a dynamic component and used the facearea function to calculate the area of one of the faces in the component. How ever if i change the size of the component the face area does not update. If i click in to the function and hit enter it does but i would like it to automatically update if i can the component.



there is no automatic way of doing this, the area is stretched or scaled when you change the boundary box via its length attributes, this you can see when you right click menu and select reset scale. There is a manual way to achieve your goal by right click menu, scale definition, right click menu, dynamic components/ Redraw. You can assign key short cuts to these commands whilst the component is selected via the window/preferences/shortcuts to make life a little easier.

“n” and “u” are are free if you have not already assigned them, so once assigned u to scale definition, n to redraw; one can press keyboard “u” “enter” “n” “enter” after the changes


This helps, at least it makes it way easier. Thanks!

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