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I am attempting to create a replica of a family crest for 3D printing. I can create a dxf in Illustrator, but when I import into Sketchup it treats the entire object as a single unit.
I import, then draw a rectangle around the imported image, then:
Edit > Intersect Faces > With Model
but end up with something that looks like the attached screen capture.
I am unable to select the individual components to push/pull.
I’m sure there is a simple solution, but I’m just not familiar enough with Sketchup. My dad’s 90th birthday is next week and I really want to get this replica 3d printed for him. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Illustrator file is also attached. (1.3 MB)


How about uploading the SKP file instead?


The .skp or the .dxf would be more useful than the .ai file to those of use that don’t have illustrator.


Attached is skp file.
family_crest.skp (1.9 MB)


Trace edge segments on the interior profile edges. When they go thin, you’ll have them set. Sometimes Intersect Faces will help but it doesn’t seem to in this case.


A second intersect did the trick for me.
Edit: after making planar with vertex tools.



To add to Dave’
Delete Layer 1 to return all geometry to the default layer.
There are also a couple of tiny edges that you should remove, zoom in on the design and look closely for edges sticking out from corners.


You might want to try this approach …


there are many edges that are too small, one stray line. Here is a case I tried to simpliy, had to sacle up by abt 10^6. Maybe this helps some family_crest_mac1.skp (1.3 MB). Note model is not scaled down.
OPS see a couple areas I missed:joy:


Fixed goof, smoothed some what , scale still at 1^6 family_crest_mac1a.skp (1.3 MB)
Hope this helps


Thank you all so much! I was able to print the model from mac7595 (attached). Will paint this week. Thanks to everyone for your help and insight; you will make an old Japanese man very happy!


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