Help! Color: All same or By material box IS NOT THERE!

Hello, I am running the trial version of SketchUp so it should also have the pro features. I’m simply trying to color different edges differently. The internet tells me that there is a “Color: all same, vs. by material” drop down box under styles -> edit -> edges. I see the list with dialog boxes “profiles, depth cue, … jitter” however, that’s the end of the list! Is this not available in 2016 SketchUp? How can I change edge colors/line weights??

Is it possible the bottom of the Styles window just needs to be pulled down? Or is it running off the bottom of the screen? Perhaps you could post a screen shot?

I don’t find the info in your profile, so I have to ask: which OS are you using? Have you tried to drag the bottom …
[Dave was faster…]

I’m running windows. I was dragging that bottom for over an hour! Somehow when I changed to “style builder competition winners” I am now able to see the color change box!

One more question though, is it possible to change weights of the line, as in line thickness? Thank you so much for your fast reply!!


No. Regular edges are fixed weight. You can change the weight of Profiles, though.

So when I click profiles, should there be another box for changing weights? See my screenshot. Thank you again.

No. The box is there all along. Change the number 2 to something else and hit Enter. I prefer to leave it set to 1.

After you’ve made the desired changes to your style, click on the thumbnail image in the top left to update the style in the model.

Perfect. One last thing, is it possible for different lines or edges to have different profiles? (i.e. different line thicknesses).

You have been such a huge help!

No. The Profiles weight that you set applies to all profile edges shown. Essentially you can only use one style at a time. Profiles are the outline edges of the shape. Lines inside the shape will be displayed as normal edges.

Depending on the complexity, you can “fake” different line weights with TIGs 2Dtools (additional geometry will simulate it).

Edit: added image

It’s worth noting that these “lines” are actually rectangles. so you can draw a shape with them like you can with the native Line or other drawing tools and get behaviors like you get from those edges.

Dave is right, I wonder why TIG didn’t call it line2coloredrectangle, would have been consistent with ExtrudeEdgesByVectorToObject or others e.g. :wink: