Help! cleanup3 broke my design ..please help

help! cleanup3 broke my design …please help…
some layers got missing… and rectangles got divided?
i saved the file… because i didnt notice them at first…

and here…
backup123.skp (153.2 KB)

Top face it’s not coplanar

Work in meters

When Create Backup is enabled, SketchUp automatically creates a backup file when you save a model. By default, this option is selected because it helps you recover your work if anything happens as you’re creating a 3D model.
The backup file is the previously saved version of the file and lives in the same folder as the model file. For example, if your model file is backup123.skp, on Microsoft Windows, the backup is backup123.skb. You find both files in the same folder.

If you saved only once after Cleanup operation then your previous model is in backup123.skb.
You can rename it to e.g backup123_previous.skp. you can open it with SU.
(If you saved more then once and reopened, then your previous state were lost…)

Note: By default Windows does not show the file extension. To see it, go to file explorer View tab, simply select the File name extensions checkbox, and you are all set.