Help - changing radius of top of cylinder

Hello. I can’t understand why I can’t change the radius of the top of a cylinder. I’ve hovered over the edge with the move tool and before it would lose its highlighting, turn back to black and the end points would change, and I could move the radius in and out. Thats not happening now. Any ideas? Thanks a lot

It’s possible that the top is no longer a circle. Does a single click on an edge highlight the whole of the top circle? If so, and Entity Info shows the entity as a circle, you can type a new radius into the Radius box in Entity Info, even if dragging a cardinal point no longer works.

Can you upload your model .skp file here to see what’s happening?

Thanks John. Its definitely a circle. I can change the radius with the entity box. I’m not sure how I upload the model. When I click export it doesn’t give me the option of of .skp file.

If it is still a circle then the cardinal points should still work, perhaps you are looking in the wrong spot. There are only four points and are at the compass points of the circle, specific to how you pulled the circle. If you didn’t pull it On Axis you need to move around the edge to find where you put it.

Be sure the edge is not selected before you hover the move tool.

Thats it! I was selecting the edge before hovering the move tool. Thanks so much!

For future reference, in case you need to later, go to Finder and drag the model into your post on this forum. If it is bigger than about 15MB, post it on a file sharing service, like Dropbox, oneDrive or WeTransfer, make sure it is shared, and post a link here.

Thank you John much appreciated. Could I ask you something else? Its to do with locking the movement of an object along an axis. I know I can move something in the direction of one axis then press the arrow key and it will stay on that axis but in the process of moving the object along that direction the mouse might wobble the object in another axis direction before the object locks to my desired axis direction. Is there anyway to lock the direction before moving the object at all? Thanks so much

Tap one of the arrow keys after you start the tool
R arrow - red (x) direction
L arrow - green (y)
Up arrow - blue (z)
Down arrow - tap once or twice for parallel or perpendicular to pre-selected edge (hover mouse over edge first)

Remember to draw your circles in the first place with the radius along an axis.

I try that but the only way I can lock to one particular axis is if I’ve already moved in that direction and by doing that i might have nudged the object in another direction

You can’t initiate an axis lock until you begin a move (as @john_mcclenahan wrote “after you start the tool”). But if you then press an arrow key, SketchUp should project whatever nudge you have done onto a pure move along the selected axis, zeroing out any drift along other axes.

A visual of what the others are saying.