Change circle radius after extruded


I have a box and I extruded a circle in it passing trhoguth it all. Now I need to change the circle radius (increase it 2mm) how can I do that avoiding removing the circle, creating a new one and having to extrude it?

One more question: if I make a circle (I didtn extrude it) and I didnt set a very specific radius to it. Now I want to set a radius do it, how do I do that without having to remove the entire circle and recreating and without having to use the offset tool cause it does not allow me to set a specific radius, instead it allows me to set an offeset and I need to do some math to accomplish that.

I KNOW I KNOW, I could easily solve the problems above removing the circle and redoing it, I am just trying to learn something new here.

Joint Push Pull. Go get it at, look in the pluginstore, free registration required to download.

Your first problem can be done via Joint Push Pull extension as Julian suggested. Extension lets you push/pull curved faces.

Second problem is easier, just change the radius of the circle (or segments) from Entity Info at Default Tray.

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WOW PERFECTLY! I didnt know there was an ENTITY INFO box! :slight_smile: It worked, the plugin is also awesome!

One final question: I need to make a hole in a box but “drag” that hole. For example, I need to make this shape below, I know I cant drag a circle and make this shape, so how do I do it?

The move tool can change circles/cylinders radius interactively when you click cardinal point.
The cardinal point is located at the position you clicked to decide the radius of the circle.
The cardinal points are also located 90, 180 and 270 degrees from there on the circle.

The cylinder’s cardinal line exist above the circle’s cardinal point.
When you fry over the move tool to the cardinal line, it indicate blue doted line.

It’s not clear to me from your ASCII art what shape you mean. Could you describe it more fully or perhaps upload a paper-and-pencil sketch image of what you need?

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I can’t understand the ASCII art neither : you mean something like this :

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Sorry guys for wasting your time. The ASCII art I did was cutted of by this forum so I created a terrible image which I think may be better than my ASCII art.

I want to reproduce the red shape which in theory is a circle that I drag down so I create that shape. After that I extrude that shape! How can I easily create that shape withou having to create 2 circles in each side and connecting them with 2 lines (on the tangent edges of both circles)?

You can’t ‘drag down’ a circle quite as you describe. If you want the hole to be an ellipse, you can use the Scale tool to stretch a circle.

But it looks more like two semicircles connected by straight lines. Draw that, then push pull to get the hole.

I do this sort of thing fairly regularly. I can think of a number of ways to do it. One way is to draw the oval before extruding it into a hole. As John wrote, two semi circles joined with straight line segments. This requires some advanced planning but you should be doing that anyway. Don’t get behind the model.

Another way is to rotate the hole so that sides are aligned with the long axis of the oval. Then explode the curves and use the Move tool to move half of the hole in the desired direction for the desired distance.


two ways :

different outcome

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The second way creates an elliptical hole. Not an oval.


The first method is what I described that I wouldnt like and the second one is an ellipises! Anyway I learned a new thing, I didnnt know I could stretch a circle easily like that! Thanks man!

Yeah, mentioned different outcome!

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