Help CAD Contours

I have two cad files that I would like to use to create cut and fill, I am just not following with what I have been able to review

Hard to give you any guidance with so little information. We don’t know what you have been able to “review” and we don’t have any idea what your CAD files look like. Help us out and give us something to go on. Share the files, ask actual questions…

Mostly Youtube videos “SketchUp Architectural Skill Series - SITE PREPARATION MODELING”, the thing is that I am just not grasping the subject, had some health issues last year that are impacting some of my cognitive capabilities.

Sometimes the CAD file is 3d sometimes 2d. If possible it is best to open the CAD file in CAD and cleanup the contours and simplify. Try to import just the contours to SketchUp, and any plan information you need (as a separate group) for buildings and features–simplified for just reference points in plan or for things you actually plan to model. The contours are best joined as curves or poly lines in CAD beforehand.

If the CAD import is 2d, then you have to raise each contour at the appropriate height. Then use Toposhaper or Sandbox to skin the edges (save a grouped copy of the contours in place and assign to a tag that you can hide.)

Toposhaper is best.

Thank You

here is a link to the CAD files

Both of these files have problems. First of all they both have objects extremely far from the origin–which is something you might be able to deal with in SketchUp, but needs to be fixed in CAD or SketchUp.
I didn’t see anything in one of the files, but will check in CAD.
The other file has too much needless information (and it did something nasty to my SketchUp so I had to quit). I am not sure that plan is in scale it appears the area with contours is 40’ across (approx.)?

I’ll look at these in CAD.

Sorry. These files don’t agree with my software. I was able to open the “Discovery Gardens” in CAD but not knowing anything about the project, I can’t verify whether it’s correct. That said, the contours that show on the plan seem to be workable as they are.

I suggest you get versions of the file that only contain only the contours, the property boundary , trees, and buildings, and other hardscape you need. Not the survey points, and not anything outside the area you need to work with. And the geometry should be near the drawing origin.

Thanks, in any case, I don’t want to waste your time I will keep trying and I am sure that I will come to a solution.