Hello, my file stopped opening, I've tried all the alternatives I saw on YouTube. Hellp!

Just upload the .skp file to We Transfer, not the .rar.

That file is nearly all zeroes. It isn’t openable. Do you have the .skb backup version? Share that.

Where have you been saving your file as you were working on it?

I saved it on my external hard drive

That is generally not a great idea. You should save the file to your internal drive while working on it. If you need to make it portable, copy it to the external drive after saving it internally. Or utilize your Trimble Connect storage.

I can’t open that one either. Looks like it’s not as bad as the .skp file but it’s bad. Maybe @colin can open it but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

I would be very grateful if @colin could check :sob:

Well, keep your fingers crossed. In the mean time you might want to upgrade to the current version of SketchUp and then get started remaking the model in case he isn’t able to do anything with your file. No point in sitting on your hands waiting.

I checked, and it looks like some of the end of the SKB file is missing.