Hello, I have a problem with a dynamic component, my shape is a triangle, I want all side an individual axis

Hello, I have a problem in dinamic components, my shap is base on trangle I want all side a individual axis

You should share your component so we can see what it is you have and are trying to do.

What operating system are you using? What graphics card? Please correct your profile.

To create a triangle with individual sides you would make each line a group or component, however you cannot make a surface.

To make a surface that covers all the triangles you would need four right-hand triangles, where at times one or two would be hidden. (when hidden they can be reduced to be insignificant)

So a combination of the surfaces with their outlines hidden and the individual lines will be able to cover all types of triangles.

As Dave says, give an example for further advice, be aware you will need to be familiar with trigonometry, cosine and sine rules

Dinamic component Sketchup pro 2021.skp (335.4 KB)
This is my file plz check
Thank you

Dinamic component Sketchup pro 2021.skp (335.4 KB)
This is my Sketchup file plz check, 1st traingle is good work but another no so good

so its a question about animation involving axis and rotation
one method is to isolate the movement within an extra layer of nesting, first example has the group with on-click and the parent component as the isolated “world” for it to correctly perform. each leaf opens independently
the second example works with one on-click in the parent, with the change pass through
Dinamic component Sketchup pro 2021.skp (355.6 KB)

Hi thank you, your model is perfect work of my standard, but I didn’t understand plz explain in a videos as soon as possible.

Sir plz help, I don’t understand your prosizer. Plz help by a video clip.

Thank you :blush:

hello sir sir i have anothe proble in dynDinamic component.skp (343.0 KB)
amic component pls help me

I made it work from one animation, using a counter, “deg” as the “timeline” then conditional statements to activate the parts along the “timeline” Dinamic component.skp (375.1 KB)