Dynamic Sub-divided a Triangle

We use Sketchup to do some basic (but to scale) line drawings to go along with our project quotes. I’ve been working on making a series of these using dynamic components to speed up our process. Things have been great… until one set of product types where I need to sub-divide a triangular area.

Sometimes the triangle will need to have just one line in the middle, easy. But sometimes it’s 2, 3, 4 or more lines. But due to the triangle container, the lines will have different heights. Not easy.

And sometimes the triangle will need to have lines in the other horizontal/vertical direction as well.

Not sure how to tackle this. Thoughts?

First thought. Draw all the potential lines, one option per sub component, then hide all except the one you want to show, chosen from a drop down option list.

Or have separate sub components for one, two or three vertical lines, and another set for each of one, two or three horizontal lines. Then pick one option of each ( including none) and selectively unhide.

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This DC is a collection of lines that have been made into nested groups with ability to self copy, this may work for you?
line divisions on triangle.skp (34.0 KB)


This is epic and spot on. Now… to understand the logic. Very cool.