Hello! I don't know if this will be completed, but it takes too much time. Is this normal, or it will not be completed?

There’s also notice before this. It says, “An error occurred while creating the terrain.“

How large is the area you’re trying to import? Where is it?

Your profile says you’re using the Free Plan which is web based and does not import terrain or imagery. Your picture from your phone doesn’t show that you are using the free plan either. Please correct your forum profile.

Hi🙌 I’m sorry, I am still unfamiliar with Sketchup, but the area is about 70,000. It is located in Santo Tomas Proper, Philippines

70,000 what?

Try importing a much smaller area. You can go back and add more in successive steps.

Please fix your forum profile.

That is noted, sir. I got the image already. Thank you for your response🫶

The Philippines use metric, and so I think that 70,000 is 7 hectares, which is 17.29 acres. About the size of 13 football fields.

or if we’re using paper stacking standards like “how far away is the moon”, then ~13 football fields (assuming US football and not soccer :wink: ) it’s about 8,100,000 sheets of US Letter sized paper laid out on edges… :slight_smile: (messed up my math briefly…)