Hello I can not get my file in stl format for 3d printing


Hello I can not get my file in stl format for 3d printing.
I’m new here Can you help me ???

my project: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/061fb0b9-139b-4322-952f-fd309e549d30/Help-me


What happens when you try to export an STL file?

There are issues with the two larger shapes which would prevent them from being “solid” and printable. There’s an internal face and a stray edge segment.

With those problems fixed, all three make solid components/groups and should make a printable STL file.


It worked fine for me, not sure what error you are having, as Dave said maybe post more info so that you can be helped.Help me.stl (108.7 KB)


Thanks for the improvement!
I can not download the file at all.
and sorry for my bad english i over set with googel translatorimage


Export the file from SU Web not from the warehouse.
Or open the warehouse model in SU Web and export the stl.


ah OK thanks a lot