Hello from Theo at Auckland

Hello from Theo
i am an oldie in this field using versions of sketchup from the first one
in various places i have worked retail design and aged care design including 40 years of autocad and 3 on revit.
Interested in working from home now using revit and autocad and sketchup as i get older
its getting harder to stay in a good position that is not contract, which does not keep paying the house and accounts. at the age of 59 i would rather be busy at home working that putting up with the stress of an office with so much pressure, from people that don,t care about your time.
I am looking forward to learning more about the new sketchup many thanks for the facebook links.

Welcome here Theo and shoot away your questions…about SketchUp.

(Not that I can answer them all…)

Many thanks , good to see a great place for any help , have a great weekend Regards theo

Hi from Theo does anyone know how to solve the problem of not accessing the 3d warehouse ? happened after windows did an update and i also installed the 2016 trial the same week many thanks have a great weekend regards Theo