Helicopter Live model

First laugh I’ve had all night! Thanks!

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My main language is not english so I may write incorrectly sometimes.

Sorry for the delay. To be honest, I did not paid attention to the spining direction of the blades. Indeed, the main blades’ spin direction is wrong. As Ian T said, the thicker side of the blade should be a good reference of the right dirrctional rotation but I made it all wrong. I’ve seen helicopters with both clockwise and counter-clockwise spining direction but I did not got the facts on this one. This is only one hour attempt.

Sorry for not answering to you. I could use some help with the plugin you are talking about If you are willing. I’ll take a look as soon as i get home. Maybe it is easy to work with it.
Thanks for your concern

Well, if you haven’t used the Animator plugin yet I’d suggest you do a bit of homework first as I did. It will give you a basic understanding of how to get things moving.

There are several threads on Sketchucation, the below being just two of them…

Animator quick start
Animator tips and tricks

I certainly don’t think I could walk you through the full thing, it’s too complicated. If you have trouble with a particular movement say, then that might be more realistic.

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Yes, I’ll try to get used to the interface and the whole mechanism of the plugin. Of course I can’t let you to guide me through all the thing. If I have a question, a small issue I’ll be happy If you can “direct” me to the right way. But it’s the first time I hear about this plugin and as I seen in your video, the result is cool.
I’m a fast learner though :))

Sketchup Chopper Landing Site by Nathan Guice, on Flickr

Not animated, but did drop it in with one of my helicopters.