Height Tags (Coordinates Autotext without X and Y)

Everytime I have a new project that originates a new set of drawings in Layout I need this feature.

Coordinate Autotext with the possibility to:

  • Remove X or Y or Z or two of them.
  • Amount of decimal places;
  • Ability to pick any on face vertex and not only endpoints.of edges.

Fundamental to create Height Tags for arch drawings.

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I concur. In the meantime, a proposed workaround: Point Gadget 2 (2016+), place markers, export report as .CSV, create .XLS, reference the required X / Y / Z (or combinations of them) in Layout with tables tool.

Just thinking about all that made me confused.

I want a point and click solution.

Click on a slab face and know it’s height in the model. If possible subtract it to a given datum.

This datum would help us have a fixed value in the model that would subtract to the actual Z coordinates.

That way I can have my main entrance sill at a Z of 11.356m, define a Datum of 11.356m and if in Layout I hit the door sil’s face, the height leader (coordinates without the X,Y values) would return 0.00m.

I was expecting the LO API was going allow talented users to produce all these nifty things? – STILL WAITING !

The LO API is very new and still pretty limited. Give Trimble time to flesh it out better and developers to learn how to use it…

And for what I can tell it’s so far an API for generic purposes like setting up pages, or creating viewports from Sketchup or another external program.

My version of a heght tag consists of an arrowhead that is a dynamic component with a text attribute calculated from the Z coordinate of the component, and an autotext leader placed in LayOut that references the text.


Anssi, I’ve seen those height Tags of yours before. They seem interesting but probably a bit convuluted.

Do you have something similar for floor plans? I’ve got my elevations covered, though they could run smoother.

V[quote=“JQL, post:8, topic:44089”]
Do you have something similar for floor plans?
I think that a similar approach could be used. Our local convention would have no leader line - I’ll have to check how it could be achieved in LayOut.

It would be easier if SketchUp had a model text entity that could be placed within a component and linked to an autotext.

Our local convention is exactly the same but I can manage with a stroked text and I can turn the leader fully transparent.

I’ve asked about just that before… I’ll try to find the post but I don’t know if it was in this forum exactly.

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