Guys he's outside help me

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moved to gallery I guess :slight_smile:
Sketchup employees are like vampire, as long as you don’t invite them in, they can’t cross your threshold.

(I assume you know how to move him in, judging by the various elements placed here and there :wink: )

This is how they product test. The one way mirror glass isn’t rendering properly - but every year they lock some forum participants in a hot room with only a fan and watch them using new features. This must be for the iPad version.

There is that big red panic button that testers can use should they lose all sanity, but no one who has pressed it has ever returned… some call it the Trimbler Games. ‘May the faces be always oriented correctly.’


I’ll keep that in mind :slight_smile:

I’ve started using Sketchup about 4 weeks ago so this is good info. Thanks!

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How do I get rid of these grey dotted lines

They pester me like little flies

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They are “Back edges”. Press K to turn them on or off.

I had to escape to the kitchen because power went out. I’m still being chased!

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I suppose you’ve already run through the lessons at